Infinity Meat Solutions, a new $100M meat-packaging facility in North Kingstown, RI, started construction in October of 2018 and is projected to be opened in the first half of 2020. The 200,000 sqft facility will create more than 700 food manufacturing jobs in Rhode Island producing beef and pork prepared meats for meal solutions.

Unique installs the massive ductwork via scissor lifts into the meat processing area. This will facilitate the circulation of the air to several makeup air units (MAU) to provide clean air and avoid any possible contaminants.

This is a joint project for Unique Metal Works, Arden Engineering Constructors, and Earthwise Energy Technologies. Unique will be providing and installing all ductwork and accessories for the facility. Arden will work on the HVAC scope of the project, installing four RTU’s to provide all heating and cooling needs for space. Five MAU’s will also be installed providing 100% fresh air rather than recirculating stale air that could potentially carry odors and bacteria. And Earthwise will be furnishing and installing controls for 28 terminal air boxes, interlock wiring to the RTU’s and MAU’s, and monitoring hydrogen and sequencing on exhaust systems. All monitoring will be tied back to a central web-based supervisory controller where the customer will be able to manage their building using a graphic interface and receive text notifications if there is a problem that requires attention.

Progress continues as new walls, ceilings, and equipment are added. Here you can see the ductwork is now above the ceiling.

RMAU stainless steel return duct will continue down and penetrate the walk on the ceiling. This will remove air from the process area.


This RMAU ductwork supply at the ceiling level provides makeup air for the processing area. It can also switch to provide fresh air for washdown mode.


The supply and return ductwork from the refrigerant
penthouse units from the ceiling level.


The MAU supply duct provides makeup air for the dry goods area.


A rooftop view of the supply airside. Ductwork will connect to the entire 20’x10’ openings of each unit to provide air to the process area below.


Rooftop view of the return side of the RMAUs. Pictured: Project Manager, Tom Hinchey, and Mike Eva, Foreman, from Unique Metal Works; Amber-Rose Souza, Project Manager from Arden Engineering Constructors.