Testing & Balancing

Our testing and balancing process will ensure that your HVAC systems are operating properly by measuring and adjusting the air distribution. Balancing your environments to proper airflow and pressure specifications promote greater comfort and efficiency. Your HVAC systems require testing and balancing from their initial use and should be maintained periodically so that equipment reaches its full life span while providing maximum energy savings.

Air Balancing

Once your comprehensive testing and balancing are completed, you will receive a full report assessing your HVAC system, including any needed recommendations. Our testing and balancing can be performed in an occupied building with minimal if any, disruption.
Your HVAC systems work hard to control your building’s environment. Over time airflow and pressure can deteriorate, creating a less comfortable environment which can lead to lost time and productivity. Rebalancing your HVAC system is encouraged.

Common issues you can experience if air balancing is needed:

  • Howling sound or difficulty opening when accessing entry doors
  • Odors in bathrooms or storage areas
  • Frost forming on windows in winter
  • Cooling problems in warm weather
  • Dry air


Duct Leakage Testing

If ductwork in your building is leaking, the air quantity within your HVAC system will lower and affect the efficiency of your system. Duct Leakage is calculated by pressurizing ductwork to standard static pressure and then calculating the number of cubic feet per minute passing through an orifice plate. The result is based on the ductwork’s ability to hold the level of static pressure. Our procedure identifies leaks quickly and accurately.


Fire Life Safety Testing

If a fire occurs in your building, pollutants in the air will go through your HVAC ductwork and circulate smoke and toxins throughout the building, even reaching areas far from the fire. Built-in smoke and fire dampers can prevent this from happening, but failures can also occur. Most failures can be prevented with HVAC Fire Life Safety inspection, avoiding excessive damage to your building.


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