Duct & Component Fabrication

Unique Metal Works specializes in sheet metal fabrication and installation for a variety of mechanical / HVAC construction projects. Our long-term, experienced, and talented sheet metal fabricators provide the utmost quality in every step of ductwork they create. 

Our 14,000 sqft facility is fully automated with state-of-the-art equipment that communicates directly with our 3D modeling software to ensure precision and efficiency.

Unique’s Advantages

  • Forming, Rolling, and Finishing
  • Spot Welding, MIG, and TIG
  • Full Demo Capabilities
  • Complete Project Management

Straight Duct to Coil Line

Straight portions of ductwork, as indicated by the 3D model, are sent to the coil line where they are processed into rectangular ductwork.

Fittings to Plasma Cutting Table

Fittings are sent to the plasma cutting table where they are cut, into curved or angled shapes. By using plasma cutting technology, we are able to produce more duct fittings in less time with less material waste.

Duct Liner to Water-Jet Cutter

Lined portions of the ductwork model are sent directly to the water-jet cutter where the insulation is cut and the duct fittings are skillfully insulated.

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