Unique Metal Works, along with its sister companies, Arden Engineering Constructors and Earthwise Energy Technologies, participated in the construction of two COVID-19 field hospitals located in Providence and Cranston, Rhode Island. The completed field hospitals created 935 additional patient beds for the anticipated COVID-19 surge in Rhode Island. Construction started Monday, April 6, with two 12-hour shifts running seven days a week and was completed on April 18.

Fabricated spiral duct.

Spiral duct installed around the entire
convention center.

Getting duct into position.

Connection ductwork.

Completed and ready to be connected
to duct surrounding room.

Unique worked tirelessly fabricating 6,000 feet of spiral exhaust ductwork with connection to plenums to provide “negative air flow″ and prevent the escape of possible contamination.

Unique Metal Work’s ability to fabricate and install ductwork streamlined productivity providing project cost efficiency and greater quality control.


Arden Engineering Constructors provided and installed all of the HVAC piping, plumbing, and medical gas piping for the project. Arden’s in-house fabrication shop created finished bathroom piping systems ready for installation.

Earthwise Energy Technologies, specializing in building automation and controls, installed the monitoring and alarming for the negative pressure exhaust systems for the patient and pharmacy areas. The control systems can be monitored remotely using a graphic interface with the ability to make any needed adjustments at any time, from anywhere.

Ground-level installation of duct and plenums.

Completed exhaust system at the Citizens building in Cranston, RI.