What initiated your interest in the trades?

I was looking for steady employment with good pay, good benefits, and a good retirement option so that my daughter and I could live a comfortable life.

What has been your biggest challenge and best experience?

Most often I am the only woman working in my trade on job sites. Keeping up with the men physically was a challenge, however, they are pretty good at helping their sister out. My best experience is being treated as an equal and seeing our finished work, driving by buildings knowing that I helped build them.

How has your experience been working for Unique Metal Works?

Unique has been nothing but good to me. They are a very professional company and very supportive of all their employees. I plan on staying with Unique for the remainder of my career.

Kerry Sampson is a Sheet Metal, Apprentice, and works for Unique Metal Works. She is installing an exhaust duct for a cooking area at Lincoln High School in Lincoln, RI.